Odisha State Higher Education Council

Welcome to OSHEC : The Odisha State Higher Education Council was set up by an act of the Odisha Legislative assembly in the year 2017. The council is headed by the Honorable Minister Higher education, Government of Odisha and is functioning with 15 members appointed as per the act. Its main mandate is to develop policies, educational reform based schemes and advise the State Government in relation to achieving excellence and inclusiveness in our entire higher education process as well as the student outcomes.

The Council is an advisory body to the Government of Odisha in the area of higher education. It also takes up coordinating role with state universities for novel higher educational reform initiatives and depending on the need, the council also initiates and executes state specific quality initiatives. OSHEC has been bringing together State Vice Chancellors and other eminent academicians on one platform to scale shared challenges and evolve common innovative solutions in an unanimous manner.

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Annual Report





5T Action Plan

OSHEC is committed to synergise the values of Time, Team work, Transparancy and Technology to bring about transformative challenges towards achievement of global excellence and equity in the higher education sector of the state. Our major focus would be facilitating students and faculties to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.


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