To proactively work towards making Odisha a hub of global excellence in higher education with intense focus on equity, access, innovative teaching-learning, research, consultancy and extension activities empowering the millions of Odia youth with employable knowledge commensurate with education reforms necessary to build a creative, enlightened, productive and sustainable civil society.


  • To provide the state with a robust, practicable and resource effective Higher Education policy that is grounded symbiotic with grassroot realities of the state while moving steadily and surely in the path of excellence equal to all global requirements. The policy must empower all sections and classes of students of the state with knowledge, skill, values and sensitivity needed to be a successful livelihood creator, livelihood earner and empathetic citizen.
  • To create and disseminate knowledge through providing a research, development and innovation ecosystem that would motivate faculty and students to carry out fundamental, applied and interdisciplinary research and engage in creative inquiry.
  • To equip the students and faculty with a curriculum, pedagogy, assessment system and training that embeds problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills and inculcate in them a sense of deep professionalism including commitment to quality, ethical behaviour and respect for humans as well as the environment around us.
  • To make our HEIs a vibrant platform for free flow of ideas where discovery, creativity and professional development finds a scope for fulfilment in making the world a better place to live in.
  • In the fast changing knowledge economy prevalent in the world, to ensure academic excellence in by continuously innovating to bring in new ideas, new ways of understanding, new innovations and ways of knowing into our HEIs